"Over the years, I have tried many types of gyms and exercise routines, with very limited success. Part of the problem has been that I consistently viewed exercise as something that I needed to endure rather than something that I was motivated to do. 

It was a quick fix.

Compounding the problem was the attitude of many of the gyms which I signed up for. They accepted a regular monthly payment with very little input or guidance.

Working on my own in the gym, I was always uncertain whether I was performing the exercises correctly or using the equipment appropriately. There was no one monitoring my progress so gradually I lost interest and another gym membership was wasted.

Roger was someone with whom I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Accordingly I signed up with him for two sessions of PT each week. I noticed the difference immediately.

Roger's manner is relaxed, friendly and, importantly for myself, non-intimidating. He has a good sense of humour and I could immediately discuss my concerns and reservations with him. At the same time Roger is extremely professional in his approach. He keeps up-to-date with Health and Fitness developments and will research carefully any issues which may be of concern. He reflects on his own practice and on the progress and needs of his clients.

The thing that struck me immediately when I first met Roger was that he listens carefully to his clients. We spoke at length about what I wanted and needed from the partnership and he helped me to refine these goals and aspirations.In this way I felt that I was making a valuable contribution to the process. I was participating rather than being instructed.

It has taken me a long time to reach this stage where, I have a clear understanding about my physical goals; have a confidence that with support I can reach them and know that I will have a sense of achievement and well-being along the way. Roger has brought about this change.

My set of circumstances and experiences are unique to myself; and this is the point of working with a Personal Trainer like Roger.

Whatever your age, level of fitness, specific targets or previous experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Roger Davies as someone who will work with you in a professional, thoughtful and creative way to effectively achieve your own personal targets."

Jennifer Miller, Formby


"Easy going and welcoming atmosphere. Great facilities, and is surrounded by fields and nature. Very nice place indeed! Roger is excellent at what he does, and makes you feel at ease. He is very easy to get on with and is a great PT!

Annmarie Frodsham, Wigan


"Has been of great help to me so far. I have been doing 1 PT session a week and following the diet plans and exercise routines to do at home along with cycling and I have started to see results all over. Great value for money! Looking to do 2 PT sessions a week soon for more results"

Kelsey Dinn, Wigan


"Roger is a top don, 110%. Never been to a gym in over 15yrs, nor done any workouts - now I'm thoroughly enjoying our sessions and look forward to them every time. Highly recommended!!!"

 Lee Pennington, Wigan


Great guy, great ethic and great results.. Fitness starts with mindset and Roger is great at getting you in a healthy mindset to reach your desired results!

Martin Aldred, Wigan